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Earth Day 2014 – Tell your boss to go Green!

wind turbine powering PCHappy Earth Day! Does this actually mean anything to the vast majority of people?

Many of us will hear about Earth Day and read some Tweets and maybe a short television segment but for most people they will forget about it by tomorrow.

So why not approach you boss at work and ask him if there are any changes to your office and work practices that can reduce waste, save power and be more efficient?

Check out the Earth Day website for more information and maybe choose an action to help improve your community and workplace.

So go on, tell your boss to go Green!

Earth Day – external link to the official page

AA Web Solutions – my green work practices are highlighted here.

Green web design

I can design a website that is sustainable and based on green design principles.

This is a rare approach in the IT sector but it is growing every year. Small changes to many site designs can lead to quicker loading times which in turn require less fuel to load them.

Even changing light-bulbs to LED  in your office can save you money and energy use. Here is an interesting article, although I think some of the stats may be slightly exaggerated.  Click Here!

Contact me now to discuss a green web design project.