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AA Web Solutions

I am a self-employed web designer and my main website is  AA Web Solutions. The site will be updated within the next few months with a new design and content.

It is a few years old now and needs updating but it was one of the first of the new generation of responsive websites in the UK. Amazingly there are still lots of top ranked and prominent web design websites that are old fashioned non-responsive sites.

This is unforgivable in this day in age with the massive increase in Smartphone and Tablet web browsing.

I will keep updating this blog over the next couple of months with progress reports relating to my new web design for AA Web Solutions.

The Sustainable Web

Sustainable web design

i am interested in the concept of creating web sites which are less harmful to the environment. The most damaging aspect of some designs is the size and amount of images on a site.

Higher emissions of CO2 are produced by large image dominated sites, due to more loading and processing. If you must have images on your site then reducing the original size and optimising them for the web is essential.

Choosing a web host which uses sustainable energy such as solar or wind power for hosting your site can be another step towards your green credentials.

Web Design and PC health check

I have decided to highlight a combined offer I am making with any new web designs that I create for my clients.

Many desktop PC’s and laptops have become so slow that many people avoid them if possible and settle for their speedier but less powerful tablet or smartphone. Windows based machines can quickly become clogged up with too many programs running when booting up.

My solution is to offer a free PC health check for all my new clients, enabling them to gain a few more years of work on their once cherished PC. I have the skills, experience and patience to get most slow PC’s to work faster and efficiently.

I will publish further details in the coming days regarding this promotion and service.