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Ivory and Brass Music Lessons Website

Nicola Hopkinson of Ivory & Brass provides private music tuition in piano and brass instruments.

Nicola needed a new website and hosting package. A modern responsive website was the best option to promote her music lessons online.

After feedback from my client I came up with a suitable colour scheme for her website. Next we also looked at appropriate photographs for the site.

french horn

A full width piano photograph was chosen as the main image on the front page. My client then took some photographs of her room where she teaches and these were added into the site. Finally we added some appropriate stock images.

The final stage was to make the site completely fluid and responsive for all Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop computers.

Once my client was happy with the website I transferred the domain to my hosting and uploaded the website to it’s new home.

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Ivory and Brass Music Tuition website

Technology Used

Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Photoshop

Web Design and PC health check

I have decided to highlight a combined offer I am making with any new web designs that I create for my clients.

Many desktop PC’s and laptops have become so slow that many people avoid them if possible and settle for their speedier but less powerful tablet or smartphone. Windows based machines can quickly become clogged up with too many programs running when booting up.

My solution is to offer a free PC health check for all my new clients, enabling them to gain a few more years of work on their once cherished PC. I have the skills, experience and patience to get most slow PC’s to work faster and efficiently.

I will publish further details in the coming days regarding this promotion and service.