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Clarkston Heating Engineer Website

I created a new website for T Cosgrove Heating, a sister website to the Clarkston based plumbing and heating business but this new site exclusively focuses on the heating side of the business.

The site has been designed to be easy to read and navigate with new photos and images added and updated text to reflect the heating services such as boiler repair, installation and servicing as well as general central heating services.

screeenshot of the home page of T Cosgrove Heating website


An accessibility report was produced at the end of the project and after testing and correcting of a couple of issues the website passed the WCAG 2.1 test. An accessibility report page was then added to the site and the link was placed in the bottom navigation section.

T Cosgrove Heating (external website)


The Conservative Friends of Africa / Scotland required a website for their new organisation. The site is designed using a WordPress theme which I customised by changing colours and layout.

WordPress allows clients to update Posts and Pages themselves, giving freedom to expand their own content. There is also an Instagram feed plugin giving recent posts from that social media platform.


The site was designed to pass most WCAG 2.1 AA standards. I especially paid attention to the colour and boldness of any text on colour backgrounds(blue or red), making sure it was highly visible to people with low vision or colour blindness.

Please visit the CFOAS website (external link).

Full length screenshot of CFOAS website with blue and red coloured theme and main picture of a closeup of a tree and leaves. Instagram feed with 8 recent post previews also shown on the page.

Glasgow plumbing and heating

Full screen view of T Cosgrove plumbing and heating website. Logo and navigation at the top with a prominent main image of fingers adjusting settings of a boiler.

A new website was created for T Cosgrove Plumbing and Heating based in Clarkston Glagow.

They offer a varied and comprehensive service and installation of all gas appliances and a plumbing service to cover most plumbing emergencies.

The website has a smartphone friendly design which is modern and accessible. My initial design had the headings with too light a colour which failed at WCAG 2.1 AA level, but this was fixed by darkening the font and now passes the WCAG 2.1 AA criteria.

Please visit Tony’s website(external website) if you are in the Greater Glasgow area and require any plumbing or heating services.

Stellify Developments Ltd

A new website was recently launched for Stellify Developments Ltd. The website uses WordPress, allowing my client to update their own website when needed.

Stellify Developments Ltd are a Scottish family based Civil Engineering and Building works company based in Glasgow.

The site is designed in a way to be accessible for people with visual and cognitive disabilties.

Please visit Stellify’s website (external site)

Classical Musicians Scotland

A website Accessibility Audit was carried out for Classical Musicians Scotland. There were several areas which had to be improved to reach WCAG 2.1. AA.

The main accessibility issues were the following:

  • Colour contrast issues especially on the Artist pages with white text over a light grey background. The light grey was darkened to meet WCAG 2.1 AA requirements.
  • Alt descriptions were missing on the Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook footer linked images. These now have descriptive alternative text.
  • Due to a fixed width design the text went off the screen when the browser was zoomed to 170%. Unable to fix this without a new template design.

The “One Click Accessibility” plugin was added to the site to add more helpful features.

The website will be upgraded to a fully mobile friendly responsive and accessible design in the coming years.

Visit the Classical Musicians Scotland (external link).

JOM Charity Accessibility

A website Accessibility Audit was carried out for JOM Charity. There were several areas which had to be improved to reach WCAG 2.1. AA standards, whch included:

  • Main navigation bar colour was darkened, as it had a colour contrast fail, making it difficult to see for some users.
  • Colour contrast issues with text colour too light on a white background.
  • Alt descriptions were missing on several images where a description was necessary.
  • A “Skip to Content” link was added, for keyboard only users. This allows them to avoid the navigation links, and go straight to the content.

An Accessibility Statement was added to the website to highlight the faults and improvements made to the accessibility of the site.

Visit JOM Charity (external link) website to view the full Accessibility Statement.

Accessibility audit – Ouzman IP

I carried out a website Accessibility Audit for Ouzman IP recently. There were several areas which had to be improved to reach WCAG 2.1. AA standards, whch included:

  • Colour contrast factors with text over a background photograph. The photographs in headers were removed and replaced with a dark colour background.
  • Alt descriptions were missing on a couple of linked images. Now added e.g. Twitter logo in the footer section.
  • Tab focus state not highlighted. Now highlighting when using tab key.

There were a couple of accessibility issues which could not be fixed until a new template or web design is developed.

An Accessibility Statement was added to the website to highlight the faults and improvements made to the accessibility of the site.

Visit Ouzman IP (external link) website to view the Accessibility Statement.


I have recently carried out an audit to analyse the acccessibility of my website.

The findings and fixes using the WAVE Tool installed on my Firefox Browser and manual checks were the following.

⦁ Colour contrast issues with text on coloured background. Now fixed.
⦁ Alt descriptions missing on a few images. Now fixed.
⦁ Tab focus state not highlighted. Now added.
⦁ “Skip to Main Content” link added.
⦁ “One Click Accessibility” plugin activated providing more options to navigate the website.

I aim to keep improving the design and content updates of the website to WCAG 2.1 AA standards.
If you have experienced an accessibility problem when visiting this website then let me know?
Please email:

Carloway Community

CCA (Carloway Community Association) on the Isle of Lewis aim to promote the well-being of the community largely through the management and development of a community owned and community led facility, to promote social, environmental, cultural, heritage, commercial, and sporting activities.

CCA needed a bright and functional website for members and residents of the area.

This WordPress based website gives Members the ability to login and post news and photos if needed.

Technology Used

WordPress, Adobe Photoshop


Click here to view the site.