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Sustainable office

recycle office bins

Here is a short list of energy saving and  sustainable practices I deploy in my office.

  • Keep all devices and computers on ‘Power Saver’ mode.
  • Reduce paper use.
  • Collect coffee grains and tea bags for my garden compost.
  • Avoid wasting food and recycle any leftovers.
  • Use as much natural light for the office as possible.
  • No air-conditioning. Keep blinds closed on warm sunny days when office is empty and ventilate well.
  • As I work from a home office there are no transport costs unless I visit a client outside Bearsden or Milngavie.
  • I use energy efficient lighting in my house and office.

These are just some of the practices that I implement on a day to day basis in my sustainable office. If you have any other suggestions that I could try out then let me know?

I will be highlighting more sustainable work practices over the coming days and weeks.

Here is a link to my business website if you want to contact me to discuss developing a website in a sustainable manner. AA Web Solutions

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Eco-friendly web design

wind turbine powering PC

We try to use “Power Saver” option for all our PC’s and Mac’s when designing web pages. We mainly use “High Performance” settings when selecting colour schemes for the pages and logo designs.

It not only saves power but also saves us money in the long term. Going green with our eco-friendly web designs has had no impact in the quality of our work and helps our company AA Web Solutions feel more environmentally responsible.

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