Sustainable office

recycle office bins

Here is a short list of energy saving and  sustainable practices I deploy in my office.

  • Keep all devices and computers on ‘Power Saver’ mode.
  • Reduce paper use.
  • Collect coffee grains and tea bags for my garden compost.
  • Avoid wasting food and recycle any leftovers.
  • Use as much natural light for the office as possible.
  • No air-conditioning. Keep blinds closed on warm sunny days when office is empty and ventilate well.
  • As I work from a home office there are no transport costs unless I visit a client outside Bearsden or Milngavie.
  • I use energy efficient lighting in my house and office.

These are just some of the practices that I implement on a day to day basis in my sustainable office. If you have any other suggestions that I could try out then let me know?

I will be highlighting more sustainable work practices over the coming days and weeks.

Here is a link to my business website if you want to contact me to discuss developing a website in a sustainable manner. AA Web Solutions

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