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Sustainable Software?

Adobe’s Green Credentials

I have been using software developed by Adobe (previously Macromedia products) for well over a decade now.

I never new until recently how committed they are to sustainable practices for the reduction of their carbon footprint.  They highlight waste reduction, energy conservation and the construction of green buildings as their main environmental commitments. Maybe they have created sustainable software?

Big corporate businesses have a duty to improve their green credentials and I feel that Adobe have shown the way forward.

CC or nor CC?

I disagree with their recent change to CC products where you only rent their software on a pay per month package, although it has some benefits. On a positive note there are lower start-up costs required for their software suite but to never actually own the product is disappointing, especially as many web designers and developers feel tied into their system now.

I have also found it to be a bit buggy with the occasional crash resulting in lost work. This never happened before with my individual boxed purchases over the years.

Here is a link to their corporate responsibility and sustainability page.

External link to Adobe