New Web Design – Autoship Systems UK

Autoship Systems UK

Autoship Systems UK

I have recently launched the new website for Autoship Systems UK.

The design involved creating a website to be┬áresponsive, modern but also retain some graphics and other elements of the older ‘.com’ site.

Adobe Comp

I started off with an initial sketch of the layout. I then gave the latest Adobe CC apps a go on my iPad including Adobe Comp. This proved useful in setting out a basic layout.


To create the design the website I used the latest Adobe CC software including Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks CS6 (still very handy).

The site needed an initial visual impact so I opted for a full width image of containers on a cargo ship.


I tested the design on all devices including Mac, laptop, iPad and Smartphone and tweaked the size and style depending on any layout problems.

My client was kept informed and shown various demo pages throughout the design process. Once they were satisfied with the colour scheme and layout I created pages of content based on their information and documents.